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2015-2017 Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Silvia Soto

    Silvia Soto earned her Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis in Native American Studies, her M.A. from the University of New Mexico in Latin American Studies, and her B.A. from the University of California, Davis is in Sociology and Spanish Literature. She is currently working on turning her dissertation, Unstoppable Clamor: The Reconstruction of a Mayan World in Chiapas, into a book length manuscript. Her work engages in a post 1994 analysis of the Mayan world in Chiapas through a dialogue with and between Zapatismo and knowledge systems of Indigenous Mayan peoples.

2015-2017 Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Brianna Theobald

    Brianna Theobald earned her PhD in History at Arizona State University, where she also completed a certificate in Gender Studies and a secondary field in global studies of gender and comparative colonialism. Her research and teaching interests include Indigenous Studies, gender, health and medicine, and the U.S. West. She is currently working on a book manuscript entitled "Reproduction on the Reservation: Federal Indian Policy and Reproductive Politics in the Twentieth Century," which explores the complicated relationship between Indigenous women's biological reproduction and the struggle between Indigenous communities and white Americans over land in the twentieth century.

2015-2017 Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Korinta Maldonado

    Korinta Maldonado holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Texas in Austin. Her research centers on indigenous movements, human rights and racial formations in Mexico and Latin America. She specifically concentrates in the Totonac region of the state of Puebla. There she examines the construction of indigeneity in the context of a rapacious neoliberal multiculturalist regime. She has done long-term research in Puebla as well as in Chiapas, a result of years of engagement and collaborative work with indigenous organizations within these states.

    Among other works, she has published along with anthropologist Adriana Terven, a monograph in Spanish The Indigenous Courts of Cuetzalan and Huehuetla: The Force and Reproduction of Normative Systems of the Peoples of the Highlands of Puebla.